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Disney World Hotels with Kitchens- Save Money on Disney Food!

Disney World Hotels with Kitchens- Save Money on Disney Food! Walt Disney World has dozens of different hotels, many of which offer kitchenettes or full sized kitchens in their rooms. Having a kitchen or kitchenette in your resort room can be very useful especially if you plan on saving a bit of money and either bringing food from home or cooking in your resort room. All Disney World resort guests also have the option for grocery delivery to your resort which is even more convenient if you do not have a car with you and you are traveling from out of town. This article will detail all of the Disney World hotels with kitchens or kitchenettes, the differences between kitchens and kitchenettes, and what items and appliances they include. We will categorize these resorts in their respective resort categories which include value, moderate, and deluxe resorts. Only a handful of value and moderate resorts have kitchenettes or full size kitchens, but all of the deluxe resort’s studios and villas have at least a kitchenette if not a full size kitchen in each room. We will also share tips on how to save up to thousands of dollars on your stay at a deluxe level resorts through the Disney Vacation Club (DVC). We will provide a high level overview of DVC and how to purchase a direct or resale contract. If you are not interested in purchasing a DVC contract, we will also discuss how you can rent DVC points to save up to 60% on deluxe resorts. By renting DVC points, you can save money on Disney World hotels with kitchens or kitchenettes and get the most out of your Disney World vacation. As a DVC member myself and frequent visitor to Disney World, I have stayed at and taken advantage of the kitchens in all of these Disney World hotels. Therefore, we compiled a list of these resorts for reference as you plan your next trip to Disney World. Disney World Hotel Kitchens vs. Kitchenettes Throughout this article you will learn some Disney World hotels have kitchenettes, or mini-kitchens, and some have full size kitchens. The difference between full kitchens and kitchenettes is the size and amount of appliances you will have access to within your room. However, both are very convenient and will allow guests to be able to cook and store meals in their resorts. Below is a list of possible appliances and cookware you may see in your resort room if there is a kitchen or kitchenette. Sinks Kitchen: Yes, all kitchens have full-size sinks in each room. They also come with a sponge and dish soap. Kitchenettes: Yes, however sinks in kitchenettes are smaller than full-size sinks. Although it is a smaller sized sink, kitchenettes also provide a sponge and dish soap. Conventional Ovens Kitchen: Yes, kitchens come with full size ovens with broiler. Kitchenette: No, kitchenettes do not have a conventional oven in the room. Stovetop Burners Kitchen: Yes, all full size kitchens have either two or four cooktop burners. Kitchenettes: No, kitchenettes do not have any stovetop burners. Microwave Ovens Kitchen: Yes, all full size kitchens have microwaves, including some convection ovens. Kitchenette: Yes, all kitchenettes have a microwave. Toaster Kitchen: Yes, all kitchens have standard two or four slice toasters. Kitchenettes: Yes, kitchenettes also have standard two-slice toasters in each room. Coffee Makers Kitchen: Yes, all kitchens have coffee makers or pots which vary in size and brand. All Disney World resorts have either Keurig, Mr. Coffee, or Cuisinart coffee makers. The coffee machines use a proprietary design that use a provided coffee pod. If your room has one of these makers, you can always request more coffee pods if you run out. Kitchenettes: Yes, all kitchenettes either have the same Keurig, Mr. Coffee, or Cuisinart coffee machines that come with regular and decaf coffee with sugar and cream. Refrigerators Kitchen: Yes, kitchens have a full size refrigerator with freezer. Kitchenette: Yes, however kitchenettes have small refrigerators that are larger than most resort refrigerators but not a full size, similar to a college dorm. Several the of the kitchenette’s may have a freezer compartment, but they may not be able to keep food such as meat or ice cream completely frozen, so we recommend using caution. Cookware Kitchens: Yes, kitchens are stocked with various cookware items including pots and pans, measuring cups, baking sheets, mixing bowls, etc. Kitchenettes: Yes, however kitchenettes are more limited when it comes to cookware. Usually there is only a bottle opener, can opener, or other small items. Since there are no conventional ovens or stovetops, they do not come with cookware that would be typically used for those appliances. Utensils Kitchen: Yes, all full size kitchens come with reusable metal knives, forks, and spoons. Kitchenette: Yes, however kitchenettes have single use utensils that come in individually wrapped plastic. Glasses and Mugs Kitchen: Yes, full size kitchens come stocked with ceramic mugs and water glasses of various sizes. Kitchens also come with wine glasses, which you can purchase at your resorts quick service restaurant and some gift shops. Kitchenette: Yes, kitchenettes will always have single use paper cups. Some kitchenettes also have reusable water glasses and ceramic mugs. Plates and Bowls Kitchen: Yes, all full size kitchens come with reusable ceramic plates and bowls. Kitchenette: Yes, kitchenettes have single use paper plates and bowls. Disney World Value Hotels with Kitchenettes There are only two value level resorts that have kitchenettes and they are both located in their family suites which can fit up to six guests. These value resorts are Disney’s Art of Animation Resort and  Disney’s All-Star Music Resort . There are not any value Disney World hotels that have full size kitchens in the rooms, and only the family suites have kitchenettes in their rooms.  Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is one of the best value level resorts to stay for many reasons, one being the kitchenettes offered in the family suites. Art of Animation offers three different themes for the suites: Cars, Finding Nemo, and The Lion King. Art of Animation also offers standard size hotel rooms at a low rate. However, the standard size rooms do not have a kitchenette, and only provide a small refrigerator, coffee maker, and single use paper cups in the rooms. Besides the kitchenettes, Art of Animation is also a great choice of resort based on it’s location along Disney’s Skyliner transportation system route. The Skyliner is our favorite mode of Disney World’s free transportation takes guests between the four different resorts along the Skyliner route as well as EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. Disney’s All-Star Music Resort Disney’s All-Star Music Resort Family Suites is another value level Disney World hotel option if you want to stay in a room with a kitchenette. The All-Star Music resort should not be confused with its sister resorts, All-Star Sports and All-Star Movies, since they do not offer suites or any types of rooms offering kitchenettes. All-Star Music is located in the Animal Kingdom area of Walt Disney World Property and recently completed full room renovations in 2023. These rooms are very comfortable to stay in, especially in the family suites which offer larger parties options to stay together in one room with a kitchenette. Disney World Moderate Hotel with Kitchens Unfortunately, there is only one moderate Disney World hotel that has a kitchen in their room. These kitchens can be found at The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort,  which is conveniently located near Magic Kingdom. Although Fort Wilderness Resort is not located directly on the monorail route, guests can take a boat ride directly from the Fort Wilderness Resort to any of the monorail resorts or directly to Magic Kingdom. These cabins can sleep up to six guests and is the only non-deluxe resort that offers guests a full size kitchen. This resort is also a great option for families with dogs, as these cabins are pet friendly! The Cabins at Fort Wilderness also have a large private patio with picnic table and a charcoal grill for guests to use, making it very easy to cook and eat either inside or outside of your cabin. Disney describes the Cabins at Fort Wilderness as “roughing it” in comfort, to which I definitely agree! This is a great way to enjoy a camping-like atmosphere without have to spend time and effort setting up a campsite. It should be noted Disney World is currently in the process of converting 350 cabins at Fort Wilderness Resort into newly imagined Disney Vacation Club (DVC) deluxe rooms. Therefore, although they will still offer the same amenities, these cabins will be considered deluxe level rooms, causing them to be more expensive. These rooms are set to open this year, in July 2024, and are already open for reservation bookings for DVC members. A second set of cabins will open later in July 2024, with more throughout the rest of the year. Free Walt Disney World Vacation Quote Our favorite Disney-approved re-seller, Get Away Today, offers the best Walt Disney World discount tickets around. In addition to great discount prices, their customer service and helpful support staff is absolutely amazing and incredibly dependable. They have an entire department dedicated to making sure every order has a wonderful experience and they are on-call to help you during your vacation if you need them. And at no additional charge, you get FREE concierge Walt Disney World services! These services include having a Get Away Today’s Walt Disney World expert take care of all your dining reservations and more! This really takes all the stress out of planning a Walt Disney World vacation. Rather than waking up at odd hours of the night to book all your reservations, why not let their travel agents take care of it for you- for free! Find discount Walt Disney World tickets here! Buying tickets from Get Away Today is easy and convenient since all their tickets are sent electronically. You can take their vouchers and head straight to the gate without needing to wait in any ticket booth lines. They also offer layaway plans so you can pay off your vacation over time. Disney World Deluxe Hotel with Kitchenettes and Kitchens Fortunately, if you are staying at any of Walt Disney World’s deluxe level hotels, you will have access to either a kitchenette or full size kitchen in your room. All deluxe studios have a kitchenette, and all one, two, and three bedroom villas have full size kitchens. In addition to the villas, the bungalows at Disney’s Polynesian Resort and treehouse villas at Disney’s Saratoga Springs resort have full size kitchens. Deluxe level resorts are the most expensive resorts for a reason. There are many amenities and perks to staying at a deluxe level resort such as Extended Evening Theme Park Hours that take place throughout the week,  as well as the best resort restaurants (including some with character meet and greets), gift shops, lounges, and overall atmosphere. Although these deluxe level resorts can be expensive, we have great tips below on how to save up to 60% on the cost of these rooms by renting Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points in the next section. Below is a list of all deluxe level resorts that offer kitchens and kitchenettes in their resort rooms: Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort Disney’s Old Key West Resort Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Disney’s Contemporary Resort Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kidani Village or Jambo House Disney’s Yacht Club Resort Disney’s Beach Club Resort Disney’s Boardwalk Inn Disney’s Riviera Resort In addition to all the appliances in the full size kitchen, deluxe Disney World hotel villas also come with a full sized washer and dryer in each unit. This is another huge perk that I have definitely taken advantage of many times during my Disney World vacations. Although deluxe suites and most other resorts do not have a washer and dryer in the room, all Disney World resorts do have 24/7 laundry services. Disney Vacation Club – Save Money on Deluxe Resorts As a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member myself, I know all of the perks and benefits of being a member. The main reason why most DVC members, including myself, invest into this ownership program is to have the ability to stay at deluxe level resorts for decades to come. Although I can’t recommend investing in a DVC membership enough, it is definitely not for everyone and is an extravagant cost that should be considered for every family’s budget. The great news is, there are two options to get your hands on DVC points without the high cost of a DVC membership contract purchase: 1) Purchase resale DVC contracts if that fits better into your budget. There are several downsides to purchasing resale contracts, however, it is still a great option at a significantly lower cost! 2) Rent DVC points to use to stay at deluxe level resorts without purchasing a DVC membership. In this section I will give a very high level overview of purchasing vs. renting DVC contracts, the differences between resale and direct DVC contract purchases, and the perks of being a DVC member. For even more detailed information on purchasing DVC, check out our DVC Buying Guide. David’s Vacation Club Rentals David’s Vacation Club Rentals One of our go to recommendation for DVC point rentals is our partner David’s DVC Rentals which has been around since 2005 to help people rent DVC points. This company will completely protect you against fraud and issues while you rent DVC points which is the safest way to rent DVC points without worry from Disney Vacation members. They tend to offer the lowest prices in comparison with many of their competitors. Book NOW with David’s Vacation Club Rentals to secure some of the lowest prices in renting DVC points! DVC Rental Store DVC Rental Store Our other partner DVC Rental Store offers the greatest flexibility in renting DVC points making them a perfect choice if you desire a bit more wiggle room with your reservation! DVC Rental Store only requires a 25% deposit down when you book if your reservation is more than 75 days out. This is a great way to spread out the cost of a vacation and the further in advance you book, the higher chance you have at securing your top picks. DVC Rental Store is also one of the few DVC rental companies that offers a cancellation policy which eases the mind of many guests and eliminates the need to secure travel insurance for your hotel reservation. Book NOW with DVC Rental Store for the most flexibility in renting DVC points! What is Disney Vacation Club? Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is an ownership investment, similar to a timeshare, where families can purchase real estate interest at a Disney deluxe resort. DVC resorts are located in Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort, Tokyo Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Paris, as well as Hilton Head, SC, Vero Beach, FL, and Ko Olina, Hawaii. Families purchase “points” which can be used to spend to stay at DVC resorts. For example, if you purchase 150 points, you will be able to “spend” those points to stay at various deluxe resorts. You can refer to DVC’s Point Chart to see how many points you need to stay per night depending on the resort, size of room, and dates of stay. As you can probably expect, it costs more points to stay in larger rooms during weekends and holidays, and less points during the week in smaller rooms. Your DVC guide can help you determine how many points you will likely need. These points refill each year, and you are able to bank, or carry over, points from a year prior as well as borrow points from the following year. For example, if your contract is 150 points, you can technically use 450 points for one vacation every three years. Accommodations in a Vacation Club Villa include: Resort Studios with no kitchenette or kitchen (sleeps 2 or 4) Deluxe Studio with kitchenette (sleeps 4 or 5) One-bedroom Villa with full kitchen (sleeps 4 or 5) Two-bedroom Villa with full kitchen (sleeps between 8 and 10) Three-bedroom Grand Villa with full kitchen (Sleeps up to 12) Cabins and Bungalows with full kitchen (Sleeps up to 8 guests) Perks and Benefits of DVC Membership If you purchase your DVC contract directly from Disney, you will have so many more benefits than just the ability to stay in the DVC resorts around the world. Some of my favorite and more used perks of a DVC membership are, but are not limited to: Discounts on Merchandise and Dining: DVC members can save up to 20% on merchandise throughout Disney World parks as well as table service restaurants. Access to Exclusive DVC Lounges: There are exclusive DVC lounges for DVC members and up to four guests at EPCOT, Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, and Disneyland Resort. It was also recently announced at the 2023 DVC Condominium Association Meeting that Disney World would be adding a third DVC lounge. These lounges offer comfortable seating and air conditioning for those particularly hot days, complimentary drinks and snacks, phone charging stations, and typically they have small giveaway items such as buttons, magic band sliders, or magnets. Exclusive DVC Member Events: Disney World consistently has various DVC exclusive member events, including my all time favorite Moonlight Magic. Disney also offers DVC Member Nights at Splitsville Luxury Lanes at Disney Springs, DVC Happily Ever After Fireworks Cruise, and seasonal meet and greets with characters. What are the Differences Between Direct and Resale DVC Contracts? In order to get the full benefits of a DVC membership, you must purchase a contract directly from Disney. However, if you are looking to save a significant amount of money on your DVC purchase, resale contracts may be a better option. For a full breakdown on the differences between direct and resale contracts, check out our full guide on the pros and cons of buying a resale membership. To put it simply, resale contracts can only be used for deluxe resort stays. This is still an incredible way to save money in order to stay at deluxe level resorts, however resale DVC contracts unfortunately do not receive barely any of the aforementioned DVC membership perks. Additionally, DVC has recently started prohibiting the use of resale points to be used at newer DVC resorts, such as Disney’s Riviera Resort. When this resort opened in 2019, it was announced that only points purchased directly from Disney would be valid for stays at the Riviera. However, if you are primarily interested in using DVC points for stays and want to prioritize a low cost, a resale DVC contract is probably your best bet! The best way to purchase a resale DVC contract is to check out our trust partner DVC Resale Market. You can browse available contracts and learn each detail including cost, number of points, and length of contract. DVC Resale Market will take care of every last detail and will help you get the best contract for your family. Plus, DVC Resale Market can help you secure financing through Monera Financial. There’s no easier and more secure way to purchase a DVC resale contract! How to Rent DVC Points If you are not interested in purchasing a DVC membership contract, we highly recommend renting DVC points for a trip to Disney World or any Disney park. Regardless of your desire to become a DVC Member, renting points is the most cost effective way to stay at a deluxe level resort. I honestly could not imagine paying Disney’s full price when staying at a deluxe level resort without using DVC points through rentals or my own DVC contract. The only downside to renting points is you may have to be flexible on dates, resorts, and rooms based on what is available to rent. We often compare renting DVC points to shopping at an outlet mall compared to a name brand store. The cost of products is significantly lower, but it’s less convenient to have to trek to an outlet store which may or may not have the exact products you need. There are several DVC rental companies that act as a points broker between DVC members wanting to rent their points and those who wish to rent points for their next trip to Disney. These companies are a great middleman when it comes to renting points since you will not have to contact the DVC member whom you are renting points from at all, the broker handles everything. There is no need to negotiate the cost of renting points and they are guaranteed to cost significantly lower than booking directly through Disney. Our partner David’s Rentals offers the lowest possible rates for staying at DVC deluxe resorts without the cost and commitment of a DVC membership. David’s Rentals requires a deposit to begin searching availability. David’s Rentals is also a very legitimate and safe company to rent DVC points from as they will completely protect you against fraud or other issues as you are choosing your points to rent. Another one of our partners, DVC Rental Store, offers the greatest flexibility when it comes to renting DVC points. DVC Rental Store requires a 25% deposit when booking for reservations more than 75 days in advance. DVC Rental Store also has an amazing cancellation policy and is one of the few DVC rental companies that offer cancellations. We highly recommend DVC Rental Store especially for trips being planned further in advance due to the flexible cancellation policy and low deposit fee. We recommend looking at our full analysis on renting points from DVC Rental Store vs David’s Rentals while considering each option. Either way, you will be saving thousands of dollars and will be able to enjoy a deluxe level resort along with the convenience of either a kitchenette or full kitchen. Plan Your Next Trip to Walt Disney World Be sure to subscribe to our FREE Mickey Visit newsletter for tips and tricks to help plan your next Disney trip. We offer the lowest Walt Disney World and theme park tickets around, and help you get the most out of your central Florida vacation. For more resources related to planning your vacation and getting the most out of your visit to the parks, check out these other resources: Get FREE Disney Packing List Printable For Your Trip Ultimate Walt Disney World Packing List and What to Wear to Walt Disney World When to Visit Disney World 2024 Disney World Crowd Calendar EPCOT Festival Guide: 2024 Calendar of Walt Disney World EPCOT Festivals Best Disney World Discounts 2023 & 2024: Ranking Ticket & Hotel Deals Frequently Asked Questions What is a kitchenette at Disney? A kitchenette at Disney is essentially a mini-kitchen which has several appliances and dishes, similar to a college dorm room. Some Disney World resorts have kitchenettes, and some have full size kitchens with everything you would need to cook and serve a meal. Kitchenettes can be found at the suites at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort and Disney’s All-Star Music Resorts. Full size kitchens can be found at The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, and all of the deluxe level resort rooms. Do all DVC rooms have a kitchenette? Yes, all DVC rooms have a kitchenette or full kitchen. All of the deluxe studios have a kitchenette which include a small refrigerator, microwave oven, small sink, disposable utensils, single use paper plates and bowls, glasses, single-use paper cups, coffee maker, toaster, miscellaneous cookware such as a can opener, bottle opener, and cork screw, and a dish towel, sponge, and paper towels. All DVC rooms larger than a studio (one, two, or three bedroom villas, Polynesian bungalows, Saratoga Springs treehouse villas) have a full kitchen. Full kitchens include a full-sized refrigerator with freezer, microwave and/or convection oven, full sized oven with broiler capability, two or four burner electric cooktops, full-sized dishwasher, full-sized sink, reusable metal utensils and ceramic plates and bowls, glasses (including wine glasses), ceramic mugs, pots and pans, toaster, coffee maker, miscellaneous cookware such as a baking sheet, mixing bowls, measuring cups, spatula, and a dish towel, sponge, and paper towels. Can you cook at Disney resorts? Yes, you can cook at Disney resorts. Many Disney World resorts have kitchenettes, or mini-kitchens, as well as full size kitchens. Kitchenettes can be found in the family suites rooms at Disney’s Art of Animation resort, All-Star Music Resort and all studios located at Disney World’s deluxe level resorts such as Disney’s Grand Floridian or Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Additionally, full kitchens can be found at the Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, as well as all one, two, and three bedroom villas at all deluxe resorts as well as the bungalows at Disney’s Polynesian Resort and treehouse villas at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort. Do Disney villas have kitchens? Yes, Disney villas have full size kitchens in their room. These villas at located at all deluxe level Disney World resorts. The deluxe studios have kitchenettes, which are smaller sized kitchen areas with a small refrigerator, sink, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, disposable utensils, plates, and bowls. Full kitchens in the one, two, or three bedroom villas have a full size refrigerator with freezer, sink, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, oven with broiler and cooktop, reusable utensils, plates, bowls, and glasses. Disney villas also come with a full size washer and dryer in each room. Disclosure: We have used all the products recommended on Mickey Visit. We may receive compensation when you click on links to some products featured.

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