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Latest Disney News: Marvel Star Says Farewell to the MCU While a Big Change Is Coming to Walt Disney World
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Warning: This article contains major spoilers for Secret Invasion episode one.

In the past week, two top Disney executives — Chief Diversity Officer Latondra Newton and Chief Financial Officer Christine McCarthy — left the company, but as TikTok’s newest leader of communications proves, having the Mouse on your resume is sure to land these women great new positions sooner than you can say “Hakuna Matata.”

Disney isn’t just seeing changes in terms of company restructuring; the newest show to come from Marvel Studios, Secret Invasion, is making big changes to the MCU (and I’m not talking about that AI controversy) by presumably bringing a fan-favorite characters Marvel career to an end. Simultaneously, Disney has announced some changes coming to Walt Disney World, and fortunately, not the kind DeSantis is pushing for.

Whether at work, home, or enjoying some time (and hopefully a nice, cool Dole Whip) at Disney World, it’s time to get into today’s Disney news roundup.

Former Disney Chief of Communications is moving to TikTok amid continued cries to ban the social media platform

Zenia Mucha has been hired at TikTok. She’ll serve in the new role of chief brand and communications officer. Vanessa Pappas is stepping down as the company’s chief operating officer.

— Variety (@Variety)

Zenia Mucha, who headed Disney’s impressive PR department for two decades until her departure in 2021, will now lead TikTok’s marketing department in the newly created chief brand and communications officer role. She joins the popular social media platform during a transitional period for the company as they deal with calls for a nationwide ban of the app due to political concerns that TikTok’s connection to China will lead to user data leaks and a growing influence on U.S. politics.

Per a Variety report, Mucha, who worked for TikTok in a consulting capacity during CEO Shou Zi Chew’s congressional hearing, first worked in politics before joining Disney, meaning TikTok will have someone who understands how to navigate both the political and entertainment worlds during this critical time.

As Disney’s senior executive VP and chief communications officer, Mucha earned a reputation for advocating for the company in a direct and bold manner, earning her nicknames such as “The Warrior Princess” and “The Director of Revenge,” as The Los Angeles Times reported. It’s not hard to see why TikTok would want a little of that boldness on its plate when the app faces criticism and scrutiny from all sides — the state of Montana even going as far as initiating its own ban of the platform. In a statement, Mucha expressed her excitement upon joining the company and her intent to focus on the platform’s positive possibilities.

“TikTok’s ability to encourage creativity, connect people and create communities is nothing short of inspiring and I am excited to be joining this innovative and dynamic company.”

It looks like it’s the final curtain call for this Phase One star after Secret Invasion leaves her presumably dead

With a darker and more serious tone than a sizable amount of Marvel Studios fare, it was only a matter of time before Secret Invasion found a way to kill off an important character. Still, I don’t think many fans were expecting it to happen as suddenly as the first episode. The new Disney Plus series made waves immediately upon release for several reasons, not least that the show brought back special agent Maria Hill if only to see her fatally shot at the end of the episode. The death is being criticized for perpetuating a tired and regressive trope — is there really no other way to motivate Nick Fury to handle this massive Skrull rebellion without having to see his closest female friend die? — and fans are mourning the death of a character who’s been part of the MCU for 11 years.

As Marvel Studios delves more into the multiverse, some are holding on to the hope that Hill will return in some capacity in future MCU projects, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. In an interview published by Vanity Fair earlier today, Cobie Smulders sounded pretty final when she spoke about her character’s death, although she did acknowledge a (very) slight possibility of her return. “There is a multiverse now, so anything is possible. But I’m pretty sure this is it.”

Smulders denied she would return in the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel, The Marvels, but expressed relief that she no longer has to keep Hill’s death under wraps. While I’m definitely hoping against hope that Hill somehow makes a return, I’m glad her final scene was such a good demonstration of Smulder’s excellent acting ability.

“Of course I would’ve loved to do more, but I trust that Marvel is doing the storyline that they think is best. I feel bad if [viewers’] reaction is negative and they don’t like it, but I think that there is also something positive to take away from that. They were so connected to the story and these characters that they cared. That is beautiful and wonderful.”

Walt Disney World announces new changes for its Genie Plus service, introducing park-specific pricing

NEW: Beginning June 27, Walt Disney World will introduce park-specific Genie+.

Guests purchasing Genie+ will select either a single-park option or multiple-parks option. “Multiple Parks” will work same as current Genie+ with valid Park Hopper. Prices will vary by date and park.

— Scott Gustin (@ScottGustin)

Earlier today, Walt Disney World announced some significant changes to the resort’s existing Genie Plus system, the paid system Disney implemented as a replacement for its former FastPass lines in both its Anaheim and Florida parks. For an additional fee, guests at these Disney parks can access Lightning Lanes (the renamed FastPass lines) at certain attractions. Previously, this fee was a flat rate, with some exceptions — some top-rated attractions (Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, I’m looking at you) cost an additional fee on top of the flat Genie Plus rate — but now, Disney World is introducing different Genie Plus prices per individual park along with a multi-park option.

With the new prices, guests can select either a single-park option or a multi-park option for those hopping between parks during their visit. Per an announcement shared on the Walt Disney World website (via WDW News Today), the new pricing will go into effect on June 27, and the update will make it that “prices may now be lower at some Walt Disney World theme parks compared to others.”

In a tweet shared by journalist Scott Gustin, the multiple parks option (effectively the same as the current Park Hopper option) will be the same price as the single-park Magic Kingdom option at $27. The single-park price for Hollywood Studios will be $24, while EPCOT will be priced at $18 and Animal Kingdom at $16.

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